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GSM: #1 – Su’s Diary

Dear Diary,

I had hoped that one day I will tell you of the day when Sid would propose marriage. I had hoped that I will tell you every single detail of every moment, how I felt – every feeling, every thought, what he said, and how he said it…

But now, as I sit down to tell you, — for the first time, I have no words to say what I felt, or what I thought, or what happened. All I can say is it was perfect and I’m happy. More happy than I thought I would be.

He made it perfect for me. I thought that the fact that we knew each other since we were kids – I’d know what he would do and he would know what I wanted. He made a lot of preparations – flowers, chocolates, ring, everything.. But you know, that one moment blurred everything else.

I realized that it wouldn’t have mattered if he’s said it to me in the middle of the driest desert – it was him and he said it, and that made all the difference.


So… now we’re getting married.

It’s not really news to anyone who knows Sid and me, but I still want to call everyone and tell them.

I wonder how they would react… when they know this was always gonna happen.


You know, I’ll tell you everything tomorrow!







Surabhi Awasthi, better known as Su, closed her Diary and walked to the window. The night may have been beautiful but nothing could be more perfect than this moment.

She and Sid had waited for this for a long time; and perhaps, if there was anyone who had waited more – it was her Dad. After she returned from lunch with Sid earlier this day, she had only one thing in her mind to do, telling her Dad.


Su had been desperate to tell her father of the news that she and Sid were finally thinking of getting married. She had always shared everything with her father about Sid, and she knew that he had waited for Sid and Su to be ready for this new life together.

Yet, now that she had to tell him, she felt the butterflies in her stomach were buzzing around rather in a daze. She rushed to the kitchen, told the staff to be aside so she’d prepare him his afternoon tea and went to the study.

Su kept the tea on the side table. Mr. Awasthi was busy playing chess – with himself; his narrow spectacles rested midway on his nose. He was alert to his daughter’s attempt to talk to him, but he was focusing on his game.


“Dad, Sid and I met for lunch today and …” Su began.

“I am not interested.” he said, holding up his hand, and pausing her, “that is,” he peered above his spectacles, scanning Su’s anxious face, “unless you have something to say that would interest me.” he smiled.

Su knew that he had been waiting patiently for Sid to be established in his profession, as a lawyer, his dream of seeing Su being married off came to true. Off late, his patience was growing thin.

Su smiled and nodded, “It is.”

Mr. Awasthi’s smile first diminished a bit as he tried to understand what his daughter had said. Su’s smile, it seemed said it all for her father. His smile returned and he looked as though he had no words for the moment.

“Ah!” he exclaimed, and then laughed.



Su smiled. Her dad had been overjoyed at the news. As far she knew him, he was already in touch with Sid’s family and his own bunch of friends to get all ready. After his friend circle – who were the parents of Su’s own friends – had been his support system after her mother passed away when she was 12 years old. Even though the loss of her mother left a vacuum in her life, her Dad, her friends and their parents had become Su’s extended family. She proudly declared often – I lost one Mum, but now I have four!

She walked to her desk and brought out an album – The Girl Gang – the label on the cover said. Su opened the first page and pictures of 5 5-year old girls dressed in pretty dresses and big ribbons. She laughed. On the left page, their names were etched in a mini-slam book.


Su laughed. ‘Let me see how they’d react to this news.’ She thought, “Time to update the slam book.” She saw their last update had been four months back when the first one among them had gotten engaged.


Naina: Dreamy. Filmy.

Nick names: Nan. Barbie.

Her Motto: I wish something would make sense, for a change!

Last Update: Got engaged to Sunder. An arranged match, but they were both filmy romantics and fitted well.

Possible Reaction: Aww, Shaadi!! How romantic! Hum sab ek color ka dress pehenge. Ok?

Su added the last line to the slam book.


Zara: the Busybody. Professional Worrier.

Nick names: Zara, Zari, Zaru

Her Motto: Mum & Dad are always right.

Last Update: Waiting for Mum & Dad to arrange something.

“Possible reaction: Kitni shopping karni hai. Which color do you want for the theme? I know some very good planners. I’ll call.”

Su added a line under Zara’s name.



Mona: Style icon, Fashionista

Nick names: Mo, Mona

Her Motto: Never Settle For Less than you Deserve.

Last Update: Dating Shaan, a businessman – let’s see what happens!

“Possible Reaction: Dear, please see that you should have orchids in your hair. They’ll go marvelously with your man’s eyes.”

Su added the reaction under Mona’s name.


Malvika: Bold. Practical. Straight-forward. I don’t care, really!

Nick names: Viki: Actually, Mali, Malu meri personality to suit nahi kar raha tha.

Her Motto: Everything is possible.

Last Update: Yet to meet a man who could daunt me

“Possible Reaction: Just let me know where you need me, and I’m there.”

Su added Viki’s reaction to the book.


Surbhi: Grounded. Down to earth.

Nick names: Su

Her motto: Be Yourself.

Last Update: Waiting …


Su looked up at a rough cut plaque on her bedroom wall. It contained her mother’s advice that she gave her as a child – be yourself. She missed her Mum.

She updated the book for her name.

Last Updated: Engaged to Sid.

Possible Reaction: Unbelievable!



Su checked the clock on her bedroom wall. ‘Oh finally! It’s 10:00. Now I can call everyone. Hopefully by now everyone’s back home.’

Su dialed Zara, Nan, Viki, and Mo into a conference call.

Zara answered first. “Hi, Su! What’s up?”

“Hi. Hold on… let everyone join in.” Su answered, when there was another voice.

“Hey!” Viki answered. “Su? How are you?”

“I’m okay. Viki and hello. Back from work?”

“Yes, and washed out.” Viki asked.

“Helloooo, girls! Su?” Nan’s chirped before Su could respond, “How’s my girl gang doing? What are we up to at this time? Are we going out for a movie?”

“NAN!!!” Su, Zara, and Viki chorused.

“What!” Nan asked.

“No movie! Su’s called for something. Where’s Mo? Why isn’t she answering? Wait let me try her other number. I hope she is okay.” Zara was rattled.

“But hey, movie isn’t so bad. I’m tired. Let’s meet up for a movie.” Viki answered.

“Yes, Iet’s. Su can tell us during the movie. Which movie? Let’s see DDLJ!” Nan offered.

“NO!” Viki was scandalized as usual. Su laughed.

“I can’t get to Mo. Viki, drop a message on FB or wherever she might be!” Zara was still bothered.

“If she’s not available, I think we shouldn’t disturb her. What if she’s with Shaan? What if it’s a romantic dinner we’re trying to spoil? What if…” Nan said.

“NAN!” Su, Zara, and Viki chorused again.


“Mo is never out with her phone not being available. For once, I agree with Zaru. I think we should track her.” Viki answered. “Let me find her usual fashion cronies.”

“Su, what is it? Why did you call the conf.?” Nan asked.

“Yeah, what happened, Su?” Zara asked.

“I found Mo. She is coming online.” Viki announced.

“Will you let me at least relieve myself in peace!!” Mo was on the call. “For goodness sake, there are 6 missed calls, 3 messages… and now my fashion network is pinging me. I don’t think I can ever manage to get kidnapped safely.”

After the laughter, which Mo’s speech brought on, died down, Viki tried to talk, “You’re never without your phone. We just got worried.”

“I’m sorry, Mo!” Zara said.

“Sweetie, I know you mean well. Don’t apologize!” Mo answered gently. “But I’m a woman and I do need to visit the little girl’s room sometimes.”

There was another round of laughter.

“I told them not to call you. What if you were with Shaan!?” Nan said.

“Honey, if I was with Shaan, I’ll gladly pick up the first call that comes in.” Mo answered. “So, you needn’t worry about him.”

“Come on!  I think he really likes you.” Su said.

“Yes, dear. Everyone does.” Mo answered.

“Oh well, coming back to the point. Su, what’s up!” Viki asked.

“Well, I just had to let you know right now. I’ve waited till you all got home so we could be on together. Though I’m sure by now our parents all know it.”

“Out with it already!” Mo said.

“Okay! Here goes – Sid proposed!” Su announced.

The uproar could’ve rent open the heavens. Five screaming girls – had they been together, the neighborhood would come clamoring.

“Well… then what?” Zara asked concernedly.

“Zaru – only you can ask that question! Of course she said Yes!” Nan said, “Isn’t it, Su?”

“Yes, yes, yes!” Su answered.

“Con-gra-tu-la-tions!” Mo was singing continuously, “and jubilations…!”

“There’s gonna be a wedding!!” Nan shouted. “OMG… Where’s the magazine I saw today. There are new lehenga designs. I’ll be back with it.”

“There’s gonna be a wedding! That’s so much work! Let me get Mom’s planner.” Zara announced.

Su laughed and looked at her slam book. Typical Zaru!

“Anything you need, let me know, Zaru. I’ll be around.” Viki said.

“I can’t believe Su’s getting married. We’ll each have new dresses for each function.” Nan could hardly contain herself.

“Yes, but darling, please do not go shopping on your own. Sid’s Mum is nice, but her taste needs a lot of work.” Mo said.

“Finally Sid’s said it. I’m so happy for both of you.” Viki said.

“Oh, here it is!” Nan shouted. “I found a new lehenga design. Let’s all get one like this. Let me get a snap of this, I’ll share it with you all.”

Su was laughing away and marking small check marks against ‘Possible Reactions’ in the slam book. “Thank you, girls!” She answered.

“Okay, so what next?” Viki asked.

“I think the parents are meeting for fixing a date. Though I think It’ll be in the next 6-8 weeks.” Su said.

“Perfect! Darling, I’m enrolling you for the bridal package tomorrow first thing.” Mo announced.

“Aww! That’s so sweet!” Nan crooned.

“When do we start shopping?” Zara asked.

“This week, dear! 6-8 weeks is not a lot of time!” Mo said.

There was another rounds of screams and peals of laughter.

Su knew she’d never forget this night and the coming 6-8 weeks.

It was going to be life-changing for them.


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  1. loved it!…. waiting for more, do we hear from the groom too..

  2. I dunno… 🙂 Wait and see, I think 😀

  3. Read it for the second time, I can read it nth times more and I will laugh and giggle the same way in every read because one can never feel bored of reading it. ❤ LOVED it! 👌 It’s so relatable. So realistic. Super! ❤👌

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