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Before/After … and Ever after!

Isn’t it just thrilling to see people working out in the gym? Or when you just look at people who have sculpted themselves into works of fitness art! Or even plates of healthy-looking salads …  and fruit smoothies!

Every cell in my brain suddenly takes it upon itself to push me, boost me, encourage me to get into that shape. And it isn’t as if I have been ignoring the voice of reason. Just last year I took a major leap of faithful action and went from 80 kgs to 62 kgs. I went through the regime of healthy eating, some exercise, and lots of healthy lifestyle choices – proper sleep, more water intake, and following disciplined times of eating to revive my metabolism that had been in a coma since … whenever.

The lifestyle change was anything but easy. It does take a lot of strength and willpower to make a lifestyle change. It also takes a lot of support – All in all, God was being very wise when He gave us family and friends.

And the results were something I loved. The very feeling of being healthy and fit, more energetic, more alert – Oh my, wherever did the painful back and lethargic limbs go! It felt like a whole new bod… person. Yes, the impact is more than just superficial. The personality seems to get an upgrade with several improved features, some new add-ons never known before.

Oh-la-la it felt so grand, Ms. New Me now takes the stand!

More than anything else, I remember how I felt when I was overweight. I remember walking down to the coffee machine at work would mean feeling a heavy load on my back. The newfound agility wasn’t something I was going to lose that easy.


And then…. It was Christmas. I tried. Heaven knows I tried. I stayed away from Dad’s pot roast, from Ma’s Gajar ka Halwa, from the home-made Shaami Kebabs and even the Christmas Pakwaans.

I managed with a little bit and a bite, but mostly on my strictly balanced diet.

But then came the downfall in the form of a most delicious Christmas cake – home made to boot. One bite, and the diet was … well, sadly, it was no more.

I added hours at the office gym. Yet I tried still, see!

But by the time the New Year was on, all caution had been thrown to the winds to celebrate the season and the family and the good things.

Bad decisions have been made; consequences must be faced.

So, yours truly went up a few kgs again. Not a good feeling. Of course, I was still trying my best to fix it. But … then it was the family – all birthdays lined up one after the other, including my own. Apparently, our idea of being a family was having all birthdays stacked together from cool February to sultry July – seven birthdays in six months, other sundry (and impromptu) celebrations (promotions, increments, new jobs), and a vacation in Thailand!

That did it for me!

Whatever (fat) got cut down in between, found a new start on a birthday – and it didn’t matter whose birthday it was! And the roller-coaster … wait, that’s not the correct example, … the yo-yo was back in motion.

It’s been an up and down ride ever since. I think I must’ve accumulated more information on exercising, fitness, and healthy foods than … (looking for a valid comparable) anyone in my family. I’ve also put it in to practice and so, I know how easier it is said than done

Let’s be honest, it’s a constant battle – the brain stirs up a revolution and gets the body to go with it till … the next day. The brain is just beginning to rile up some energy and the muscles look on incredulously – the ensuing drama is inevitable!

Brain: C’mon! We gotta do it. Just 20 minutes.

Legs: Are you sure? We haven’t got over yesterday’s frenzy.

Brain: But you’ve got it! You can do it!

Arms: Don’t listen to the mad thing; it just stands around, cheering at the stands!

Brain: But it’s yours and you just need to get it back!

Back: Back? Don’t even talk about ‘back’! How would you feel like twisting yourself in to 40 sit-ups and 50 squats!

Oh, how we want our beautiful share, without the labor that gets us there!

I keep telling me – I’ve got it before and I can do it again. Yes, I can. Healthy, clean eating and regular work-outs, and this is much doable. But — It’s just that the ‘buts’ have to be dealt with some lessons I’ve learnt from the process and the journey.

I have come to accept that:

  • Times of social pressures to participate in celebrations will be overwhelming – externally and personally. In all fairness, I must own the weight of wanting a bite of the goodies myself!
  • Life will stress one out and there would be lazy cravings for bunking a workout or that bowl of chocolate ice-cream.
  • Busy schedules will come in the way of shopping for healthy foods, and at times one will have to make do with what’s-in-the-fridge or simply ordering out.
  • There may be more caffeine in the blood stream than water, and more carbs on the plate than proteins – there will be times when I cry ‘I give up!’.

The key words in the whole process of changing to a healthy lifestyle are – commitment and perseverance.

I’m still way, way off from where I used to be last year before the fat-loss. Yet, I am not where I was at the end of it either. I remember both times – before and after – and just like an weight-loss advertisement, it eggs me to go on.

Yeah, assess the weaknesses and plan for them too. Just keep moving and a better way to walk will show up.

We’ve lost our way in storms we met, but lose not hope, just course correct.

Conscience Strikes at Oddest Moments

Here I was working on my writing project, strumming joyfully at my laptop keys (Sorry about mixing terminology with domain; my conscience has temporarily wrecked my word usage mechanism.) when I felt the urge to want to drink something. Now I’d already used up my quota of 2 coffees per day, and exceeding it by 2 cold coffees as well, plus a glass full of rather fizzled out Mountain Dew. I remembered I hadn’t had my glass of milk all day.


I shut my laptop and brought back my warm cup of milk with a spoonful of protein powder (as I call it – it’s a health supplement), sat it on my desk and continued my music, occasionally sipping from my cup. Maybe it was the milk, but my mind started working rather well and I was soon immersed in my project. It was a while before I remembered that I’d left my cup unattended on the table. I picked it up and was about to sip from it, when perchance I happened to look into the cup and was glad to do so. Something triangular seemed to be sitting in it. I pulled the cup away from my waiting mouth to inspect it. And oh my, my!


A housefly was apparently attempting suicide in my protein milk. Quite an ironical way to put an end to life – pass on in a healthy way!


I recoiled in disgust and was about to put the cup back on the table, when I saw the thing flapping its many arms and legs. Ah! It was alive and swimming in my milk. Now, I’d heard of Queen Cleopatra bathing in milk (they say it brings a sheen on one’s skin) of some animal, crocodiles or camels (or whatever animal was available in ancient Egypt), I forget; but this was preposterous.


I was again going to put my cup back, when I saw the fly had given up. Intrigued, I continued to look at it. A couple of seconds later, it again attempted to flap its arms and legs, and then gave up. It was trying to swim to the spoon that I’d left in the cup. It was still not dead, and was trying its best not to die. Stupid fly! If it didn’t want to die, why dive into my milk. This is a classic example of biting more than you can chew. Obviously my house maid had left the back door of my room open longer than it was needed when she cleaned my room. It is monsoons, and flies and their clan would usually come visiting if we’re not too careful!


I was about to put it back, when of course, the Conscience decided to make itself heard. I tell you, Conscience keeps strange hours! Mine clearly lives in a distant country in an unearthly time zone!


‘Are you going to let it die?’ it asked me. I ignored the voice and put the cup back.

No! I picked it up again to check if it was still with me; of course it was, flapping away to glory and bringing me to shame.

Another thing about Conscience – I’m not sure if it realizes, but it always, ALWAYS, asks the most irritatingly difficult questions that nag you worse than would a fly. I decided it was better to be nagged by a fly than by Conscience. A fly would die someday, but this Conscience was going stay around till I die and move on. By the way, this is strange because I’m a huge promoter of killing mosquitoes.


Anyhow, I did something I have never done before.

I pushed my spoon underneath the fly and brought it out. It jammed its feet on to the inner side of the cup. I left it there, hoping it would crawl out. I put the cup down. This exercise had been enough on my gentle nerves. But, oh no! I had to check again to see if it had managed to crawl up. To my utter dismay, the thing had stupidly fallen back into the milk.


Dash it! Why me!!? And why my cup of protein milk! Why couldn’t it my irritating neighbor next door who refuses to sleep all night!


I again pushed my spoon under the fly. The scared thing swam away from me. Probably, it was upset that the last time I left it on the wall of the cup, so it didn’t trust me no more. I didn’t give up. I fished it out, the thing resisted; trust you me, it resisted! I wanted to ask really – make up your mind – Do you want to live or die? When it finally saw that I was bringing it out of the cup, it sat nicely on the spoon. I held the spoon in air, hoping it was fly, but it was sopping wet.

It crawled to the stem of the spoon lazily, dragging its sodden self. Very gingerly, I balanced the spoon on the mouth of the cup to let the fly do its crawling. After a while it landed on my writing table.

Good deed for the day done!



A while back I saw it rubbing its forearms (or whatever those are, pardon my wrecked word usage!); I’d thought it was flexing its arms to gauge its newfound muscles. Right now, I have seen the strangest thing. It is holding itself on it forearms and mid-arms, and flexing its rear legs. Goodness gracious! Never thought I’d live the day to see a housefly attempting push-ups!

But alas! It ain’t flying! It is still lying on my table. It attempts to walk, raises its body on its leg. I wonder; the protein doesn’t seem to have done it much good. Or, as they show in the movies, there is too much milk in her lungs. No, I’m not damaged enough to give it a CPR; besides, it is breathing and walking. Perhaps, it is waiting for its wings to dry, and then it’d hopefully take flight.


Lesson, little fly: The Almighty made you light so you could fly. If protein drinks were made for you, you’d not have gotten wings as tiny as these, probably larger ones to zoom around in a heavier body. Be thankful for who you are.


Well, at least I can sleep well tonight.