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When the Mind is Free…

… it finds for itself a thought world that is considered too normal or taken for granted. These may be simple unsuspecting insights into daily life that are most often missed.

Yes, that beginning to this post makes it look somber and serious.

Don’t be fooled – I’m in no mood for seriousness right now – Nor was then when this particular insight into insipid daily life flashed into my head.

I was driving back home. It was one of those days when every driver on the road makes it their personal agenda to gatecrash into your lane right before you. No indication light, no swaying of the hand from the car window, no peek at the car they are about to overtake unceremoniously – just a turn of the steering wheel that puts the front wheel of the car just before yours and if you have to apply emergency brakes then that’s your problem.

What’s more, as there is no-please-no sorry-no thanks policy being followed, after the overtaking (or taking over), there’s no show of thanks – not even jhoota hi sahi! Well, what didn’t start in courtesy and common etiquette couldn’t be expected to end with it.

In that moment, I can choose to yell and demand to know who granted them the license to drive (other people mad) – which is also what I did for half the trip – but then, I could also sit back and enjoy one more rerun of the Anomaly of the Day. And I launched into a mental (not to be confused with the disorder variety – though you may be tempted) thesis.

Now, for understanding the thesis you have to be familiar with the terminology. On the road, that I take, there are three lanes: the Fast lane (extreme right), the middle lane (middle, obviously), and the Slow lane (extreme left … er… yeah, obviously!).

In one such transaction, one of the drivers was constantly trying to get into the middle lane from the fast lane. Finally, there were able to and the one behind them took their space and sped up. This one, who was in fresh in the middle lane, now was pretty calm.

Ta da! Time for my observation:

  • The drivers choosing the fast lane: Ambitious achievers, show-offs, know-it-alls – might be impatient!
  • The drivers choosing the middle lane: average achievers, average riskers – risk only when minimal to no risk!
  • The drivers choosing slow lanes: scared to move, painfully patient!
  • The drivers choosing fast lane from middle lane: learned confidence and now ready to go
  • The drivers choosing middle from fast lane: tired of the rat race, but need to remain well-paced
  • The drivers choosing slow lanes from middle or fast lanes: too tired to bother, and too scared to risk it; or simply want to go too slow, enjoy the ride and waste fuel!
  • The drivers choosing slow lane from fast lane only to be faster than the fast lane: mean, crazed opportunists who stop at nothing; don’t trust them!
  • The drivers hovering between two lanes and driving with car wheels on either side of the dividing line: impatient or scared or unsure; in any case, extremely indifferent to the other drivers on the road; sometimes, plain frustrated people – have probably had their toes stepped on either by spouse or boss! Or both!
  • The drivers who like to go slow but drive in the fast or middle lane, totally unbothered by crazy honking and weird stares: blissfully ignorant; Cause other drivers to call on God!
  • The drivers who start in middle lane, move to fast lane, back to middle lane, try slow lane, back to middle lane, … : Predictably Confused! Stay-away-from-me variety.
  • The drivers attempting lane change and brake all of a sudden, oblivious to the world around them: Unpredictable or probably engrossed chatting/texting on phone or with the person next to them
  • The drivers going in the fast lane within the speed limit (where actual speed is 70-90 kmph as against the approved speed limit, 50-60 kmph): Righteous, who literally cause the unrighteous to wonder how can they continue to live right in such a wrong world! (For the unrighteous, going in the fast lane within the speed limit actually defeats the purpose of having a fast lane.)
  • The drivers zig-zagging in all lanes – 5th gear: God bless them and others around them!
  • The driver who sits coolly looking at all other drivers, sings loudly no matter what, and comes home & writes about it: Me!

Please don’t take this seriously. My disclaimer was put upfront – I’m in no mood for seriousness right now!