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What is it about love?

When you’re not in it, you wanna be

When you’re in it, you want out

And when you’d rather be alone,

There’s one you can’t do without


Just when you set it in your mind

You won’t fall for it – it knocks!

Pulling down at boarded windows

And battering off the locks!


You pretend to not have noticed,

It screams at you – SURPRISE!!

I tell you it’s hard to ignore the thing,

When it looks you in the eyes!


Crush, suppress and bottle it down,

It’ll leap right back at you

More often than not, i tell you what,

At all the wrong times too!


You wish just once you could attack

Love – just as it’s knocked you out

To let love feel how it makes you feel

Whether you’re with it, or without


And finally you do give in

The white flag does go up

On your knees, nay, on your face,

You admit – shucks! I’m in love!


And then wonder of wonders,

The darkness turns to light

The silence seems to speak,

Whoa! The black holes look so bright!!


‘Birds screeching’ turns to singing

The wind turns into breeze

Small things ignite the best in you,

Like cats stuck on the trees


The world becomes a better place

And heav’n looks not too far

‘Hopeless’ looks so promising

You’ve peace in midst of war


Apparently it’s the best feeling

To be loved and to love

To know you fit with somebody

– As a hand fits in the glove


But …


A gentle, nudging of the heart

Its power you dare not doubt

A force to reckon with it is

Gives in, but won’t give out


To the weak and to the timid

It empowers out and out

It stands its ground and humbles

The mighty and the proud


What a wonder of all wonders

A feeling so very light

Can lend to you the massive strength

To lead you through the night


It’s worth being in love, my dear,

And though it brings some pain

You won’t believe it till you see

It’s a blessing and a gain

power in love


What is it about love?

That makes it worth the dive

You die to self, and to the world,

And then you come alive!!