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When I was five…

i was 5

I just saw this one pinned on Pinterest and … Yes, I think so too.

I wonder if we just consider what we wanted to be at 5 to be our potential…. and not what our environment, education, so-called performance parameters and everyone else’s opinion says about us

So… what did I want to be at five?!

Perhaps at 5, being a teacher really made me happy. I used to hand my parents some newspapers and they would be my very willing students – Daddy a naughty back-bencher and Mom a studious girl.

Or maybe it was a singing, because I think my nursery teacher wrote in my progress card – ‘She is always singing in the class.’ and I still am, especially when I think no one can hear me.

Or maybe it was story-telling, because in a few years I was already writing down my experiences from my viewpoint at about 9 years old. I think there were stories making the rounds in my mind much before that – most of them I still remember them.

i think I even remember that I used to play out the characters of my stories in my mind – speaking and expressing their dialogues when no one was around.

I don’t think I ever wanted to be a doctor, or engineer, or astronaut, or scientist. Maybe a business-person, but never because I liked business; I think at that age, I just like big tables in huge rooms.

I remember when I started my career, and was still a trainee, I had it in my heart to change my field of work after I’d been in the current field for 10 years. At that stage, I looked into possibilities of being a jewelry designing, candle-making, glass painting, and probably even baking… ha ha!  Little did I know how priorities would change over the years and how the focus would shift to ‘earn’ from ‘learn’.

And the result is that now I yearn – to back to when I was five and not just free to think and imagine, but free to believe that I could be what I wanted.

What about you?

Comments on: "When I was five…" (3)

  1. pixietrumps said:

    But at five, you can’t really implement any career plans … What if you actually stuck to one of those plans ..and through the course of your career it’s actually being worked on.. getting matured ? Coz maturing of plans of heart like that might not happen in the most obvious way … Sorry buddy, you get only “vague” stuff from me 😀

    and congratulations , I’m seeing you’re over the block .. coz this was standard, awesome Shalbuddy writing 🙂

    • Umm… yeh my 5-yr old self wasn’t planning at all… at least not any more than I am doing now. 🙂

      But the 5 yr old had dreams that were more … close to heart than tailored to circumstances. The 5 yr old me dared to believe anything was possible for me to be.

      • pixietrumps said:

        It’s a constant fight with the circumstances… more like, with the stereotyped response expected from every situation.

        However, acc. to some people.. if one still manages to manifest their own unique personality nd play to their strengths… dreams that you didn’t even know of might come to surface and take you beyond what you might have ever imagined.

        All I’m saying is , it’s fun to be grown up too 😛

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