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When I was five…

i was 5

I just saw this one pinned on Pinterest and … Yes, I think so too.

I wonder if we just consider what we wanted to be at 5 to be our potential…. and not what our environment, education, so-called performance parameters and everyone else’s opinion says about us

So… what did I want to be at five?!

Perhaps at 5, being a teacher really made me happy. I used to hand my parents some newspapers and they would be my very willing students – Daddy a naughty back-bencher and Mom a studious girl.

Or maybe it was a singing, because I think my nursery teacher wrote in my progress card – ‘She is always singing in the class.’ and I still am, especially when I think no one can hear me.

Or maybe it was story-telling, because in a few years I was already writing down my experiences from my viewpoint at about 9 years old. I think there were stories making the rounds in my mind much before that – most of them I still remember them.

i think I even remember that I used to play out the characters of my stories in my mind – speaking and expressing their dialogues when no one was around.

I don’t think I ever wanted to be a doctor, or engineer, or astronaut, or scientist. Maybe a business-person, but never because I liked business; I think at that age, I just like big tables in huge rooms.

I remember when I started my career, and was still a trainee, I had it in my heart to change my field of work after I’d been in the current field for 10 years. At that stage, I looked into possibilities of being a jewelry designing, candle-making, glass painting, and probably even baking… ha ha!  Little did I know how priorities would change over the years and how the focus would shift to ‘earn’ from ‘learn’.

And the result is that now I yearn – to back to when I was five and not just free to think and imagine, but free to believe that I could be what I wanted.

What about you?