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Where is my Watson?!

Every Sherlock needs a Watson!

Well, maybe not ‘need’… need is strong word. But… every Sherlock has a Watson.


There are certain integral qualities in a Watson that brings out the best in Sherlock. A Watson, for example, does not need Sherlock to ‘say’ it. A Watson already knows and understands.

 A Watson does not stand in Sherlock’s way. Even if he does not understand what Sherlock is thinking or going to do, a Watson makes himself available. A Watson understands that Sherlock needs him… well, might need him at some point… and stands around till he is needed. A Watson knows that Sherlock does not always want to talk. Most times, in fact, Sherlock would need his isolation and solitude. If Sherlock makes time to talk, when he himself does not need it, Sherlock is actually doing someone a favor. Mostly, Sherlock just needs either a case to keep them busy, or their violin … for pretty much the same reason.

A Watson inherently trusts Sherlock — trust is the keyword.  He knows that Sherlock is meaning well, even if he does not emote it in accordance. A Watson knows that Sherlock has feelings and emotions, even if he treats them as a foreign object and at a secondary level of essentiality. A Watson knows when Sherlock has overlooked the emotional aspect of a situation either because the situation was boring and he got distracted, or because the situation caught his curiosity and he is soaked in it.

A Watson is absolutely okay with being used, lied to, ignored, sent off, shut-upped, or even forgotten. Why? Because a Watson is aware that Sherlock needs him and probably has a very good reason for doing any of the above – and might primarily be concerned about his Watson’s safety. A Watson knows that Sherlock does not lie to him about himself.

A Watson believes Sherlock is a genius, but does have his moments of failure. He understands that in such times, Sherlock needs a capable mouth-shut, at least in public. A Watson knows when to speak and when to shut up. A Watson knows that the genius feels offence rather easily.

Watsons are the human side of the Sherlock. Watsons are the mouthpiece of Sherlock when Sherlock are incapable of expressing – typically emotions. Watsons see what most people do not in Sherlock because he keeps it closed to others. Watsons are, basically, the heart of Sherlock, the brain.

Sherlock knows that he can be completely Sherlock when Watson is around. Sherlock will be Sherlock anywhere … only most might not even get it. A Watson makes being Sherlock more fun. So while Sherlock is being Sherlock, Watson fights for him … so that he can be Sherlock.

Watsons are indispensable to Sherlocks. Arthur Conan Doyle would heartily agree.

So, back to the beginning – Every Sherlock needs a Watson. Where is mine?!!

I want a Watson to my Sherlock.

Comments on: "Where is my Watson?!" (7)

  1. Your's would be Watson said:

    I hope you get your Watson soon!

  2. maybe for tracking out the Watson … the Sherlock needs to show a bit more of it’s crude form… for instance the Sherlock needs to be rude point-blank to find the Watson doesn’t get fended off by it? In any case… wish u luck for the Watson-hunt, Sherlock 🙂

  3. Been watching too much Sherlock, eh? I think Watson has been projected in the story by Mr Doyle as another character, but really he is inside every Sherlock. Maybe your Watson is waiting to be projected out. 😉

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