Live Life – Audacious!!

Wow! What a day it has been!

We woke up to the everyday runaround the house. Get the morning tea. Get to the bath. Run around the wardrobe trying to decide if its a good day for a jeans or a sari… you know, the usual.

My bro, his wife and kids were getting ready to leave the home. I was looking about the kitchen to locate a cup for pouring out my tea. Dad was done with his tea. Ma was still snoozing.

We wished them Good bye and God bless and had barely walked back into the house when they all walked back in.

Bro said to Dad: Did you move my car from its parking at night?

Dad: No.

Bro: The car’s stolen!

Well, you can imagine the reaction to that announcement early in the morning before the tea was introduced to the system.

We all ran back out. And yes, the car was not in its place. We looked around. Now, obviously the car would not supernaturally move itself in the night. But well, I s’pose that’s the necessary custom to be followed by people who have misplaced things.

‘But a car?’ you may ask.
‘Well.. even more so!’ would be my response.

I went back in. Mom was starting to put toothpaste on her toothbrush. I felt this was the best time to tell her. A moment later and the toothbrush would be in her mouth, and she’d run out nonetheless. Not a pretty sight, especially after seeing the car vanished. We decided to do a temporary compromise on dental hygiene in the face of criminal offence.

The call went out to the police. A Police Beat Officer turned up in a few minutes.

Dad: Our car was stolen from outside our house.

Policeman: What can the police do? You should park your car inside your house premises.

Dad: How does that help? 6 years back, they broke the locks and robbed us.

I came back inside and chose to have a cup of tea. Well… my car, my Maruti Esteem of 8 years… was gone. Some thief was driving it right now. The tea was needed.

The Beat officer had gone, with the promise that someone from the Police Station would come over to write the FIR. My brother and his family left for their work and school. Dad and Mom sat over tea discussing the theft.

I sat back wondering why was my car gone! Unfair! Up went my complains and questions to God Almighty. I have no idea how … or why He deals with people like me. In a few minutes, I remembered all the good things that had come my way into my life. I began to sing a song of thanks and praise.

A little while later, I went to bathe and began to get ready for going to office. I was brushing my hair when my Dad came knocking my door. I opened and he asked.

Dad: Could you go to work a little late today?

Me: Why?

Dad: We found the car. I’m going to get it. I need your car.

Me: What!? Of course! Where is it?

Dad: It’s on a road 10 minutes away. They dumped it in a pit. One of our neighbors going that way saw it and called back to inform. He is waiting there by the car for me.

It was unbelievable. Dad went to get the car. I called office to let them know that either I’d come in late or, more probably, work from home for the day (which is what I did).

A few hours later, Dad came back with the car. The Police verifications had been done, and the car returned to us. There were minor damages to it. And… the fuel level was near zero. The neighbor and Dad got some fuel to put into the car so that they could drive it to the mechanic to get it fixed. Yes, thank God, it was in a state to be driven.

What we couldn’t understand was why the car was dumped in a pit on the side of the road that was coming towards our house. If the theives were stealing it, it should’ve been going the opposite side. My sister-in-law discovered that these days, people steal cars for illegal activities and then leave the car – showing it to be an accident.

Thank God, we’d had an FIR registered and had it returned following police verification.

There were some goods in the car worth 5k and some important papers. Thank God, nothing was taken.

There was no fuel, so … someone did try to use it. But hopefully nothing was successful.

All in all – what a day! No.. a correction.. what a blessed day.

It is indeed a blessing when stolen things, of which we have no hope of ever seeing again, are returned to us. Thank God for the good neighbors and good relatives.

Thank God for God – He is the sole reason why we’re blessed. The car’s place was empty only so a blessing could come in its place.

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