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Showers of Freshness

I love watching the rain pour down from my window.


It’s raining right now.

The trees are swaying in the wind and in the downpour.

Large drops of water are sliding down the window pane.

The window is stained with tiny droplets.

Isn’t there a strange luminescence during rain storms? The green leaves, the tops of the trees shine with an ethereal glow – and you cannot see its source.


The dust is gone, the grime is washed away – they seem to beam in the refreshing shower. Each different green is visible — how amazing is the human eye to trace nearly endless shades.


My Coffee Cup is in my hand, and I’m thankful that I can take a moment to enjoy the blessing of rains washing away the grime and filth, and recharge nature with life poured afresh from the heavens. I recall – Yesterday, I was driving in the rain … rather, it was a dashed good storm. Absolutely LOVED it.


Balance settles in.


Somehow, rains always leave a smile on my face.

Comments on: "Showers of Freshness" (2)

  1. ^_^ ^_^ Move outa ur office n enjoy the rains! Get drenched! 😉

    PS- At least we’ve somethin’ in common 😀

  2. […] Showers of Freshness. […]

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