Live Life – Audacious!!

the old days were nice.
they were jolly and bright…
but they’re now in the past.
no more within my sight



my heart wants to sing a new song,
maybe dance to a new tune..
find a fresh, new rhythm
a new melody …. to croon!? (bad rhyming..! sheesh!)

i want to find the song
that will become my own..
 i lost the old one
 and have now let it go (hmm.. just about there..!)

new tunes, new words,
my heart wants to write..
 though i don’t have them yet
 i’ll get to them, no problem (need to work on this rhyming thing..!)

i wanna dig up my old dreams..
 the ones i dared not try
 a lot of which i gave up
 i’m sure they’re still in my mind (… eh.. not quite!)

i’ll try my every dream
to see if they may work..
and see some more new ones
 who knows where i’d end up .. (naah!)

but here’s to life again
to look high and low
 and if i don’t find one
 i paint my own rainbow… (.. hmm finally something)

there’s a dream out there for me
a new song that’s my own
 and though i’m yet to find it
 i’m not letting it go… not this time!

(never mind rhyme.. i like it without rhyme.. my poem, my rules!)


Comments on: "My heart wants a new song…" (4)

  1. pixietrumps said:

    AWWW!! Yeah! you sure gonna find ur song alright buddy!!I just know u are!!Cheers to a wonderful, intriguing new year nd lots more to come…
    ROFL! I think da rhyme code Is quite good 😀

  2. happy bday buddy! God bless u and may all ur dreams come true!

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