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Happy Birthday, Sister!

It was a quiet Easter morning when I sat alone in a crowd;

That was the first time you walked over to me and chose to sit with me instead of joining the company of your family and friends.

We didn’t know each other. I didn’t trust you.

But you saw what others didn’t see and I never shared.

Though you saw that I didn’t trust or share,

nothing changed your heart for me.

I still barely understand the love that held you to me, when I was more a stranger.

When you gave up time with your family for me; when you stayed up nights with me; when you laughed with me and wept with me; when, unknown to me, you prayed for me…

I have been a hard nut to crack (haven’t I?),

And you’re like cotton candy.

I don’t even know how many times I may have hurt you,

And each time you cushion my harshness

When I refuse to budge, you push me to fly,

… and then stand to catch me if I fall..!!

What surprises me and blesses me is that, though we are so different, so opposite,

a love beyond our understanding and our control joins us

I’m dour, you’re giving,

I’m rash, you’re patient,

I’m closed, you’re welcoming,

I explain a lot, you simply feel it… and I don’t understand that! 🙂

I’m all (bull)head, and you’re all heart and mush!!

Whatever I may be, to me you are one of the blessed ways God chooses to show me how much He loves me.

Happy Birthday, Sister!

Be peaceful, joyous, and have loads of FUN in your life 🙂