Live Life – Audacious!!

What you got to lose!?

The old comes to an end and life moves on. People around you move on. You gotta move on too.

At times, it may be tough – but it’s either move on or sit and rot.

It looks a difficult choice – but once you get up, moving on isn’t so bad.

You may wobble for a few steps – but c’mon, you haven’t forgotten how to walk. A few more steps, and it’ll work out.

It seems hard to move out of known surroundings and you feel you might miss it – but keep on going, as the scenery changes, new things will show up, and each might be more interesting than before.

The old may never be replaced – but hey, the new could not be either.

You’ve seen the old – what’ve you got to lose. Get up and check out the new too.

What’s holding you back!? – It’s nothing but your mind, your own thoughts. Everything else is in your favor. Take it!


C’mon! Loosen up those arms and legs. Stretch that tired body. Breathe deep, and feel the oxygen rush through your lungs. Gather the hair and pull them back from your face. Stare at the sky and tell it – ‘I’m on!’

Fuel!? Hope. Keep on keeping on….!



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