Live Life – Audacious!!

My Jar of Happiness


New Year: Welcome 2013.

I wore a skirt (gifted by my lovely sister-in-law) after at least 20 years. After many months of wanting to have one, I got this one for my New Year’s Day trip to church’s morning service. Enjoyed!


Back to Office. Had to put in a lot of effort to get back after a vacation – but made it. Glad to succeed 🙂

I shared a very good uplifting and encouraging conversation with someone who loves me. I was able to share every feeling and thought and found a lot of support, love and encouragement. A lot of help. It helped me make a fresh beginning, and refresh my viewpoint.


Two things:

1- Had a nice long conversation with someone who needed my help (at work)

2- Had a nice long conversation with someone whose help I needed (at home)


Best thing this Saturday? Caught up with sleep 🙂


Went on a belated Christmas and New Year with one of my closest friends.


I started to review two TV shows: Madhubala and Pyaar Ka Dard Hai.

Moving on!


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