Live Life – Audacious!!

Get Serious about FUN!

One of the first things that a baby knows (not learns) how to do is have fun. They are only bothered about food and drink when the tummy growls. They are only bothered about cleaning and changing when someone is attempting to put them through it; on their own, they may not bother. They are only cross when their favorite pet from the household (parent, grandparent) is unavailable. Apart from that babies know how to have fun.


Babies come with the FUN pre-installed on them. In fact, FUN is the operating system on which everything else runs. Everything you do with them must be FUN-compatible, else it does not run, and the program is declared defected. You need to be FUN if you want to feed them, play with them, change them, put them to sleep.


I have seen babies stare at the ceiling and laugh! I have followed their gaze and wondered what they saw in a plain old white ceiling that amused them SO much. I even asked a particular baby who was having much FUN staring at the ceiling above her crib – are the angels making funny faces at you? (She gave me a weird look and then resumed laughing at the ceiling. I know so because this one is my niece.)


When we grow up, we are taught responsibility, which is a wonderful part of growing up. However, by then FUN is something we do post-study, post-work, post-weekdays. It is reserved for the latter part of anything. In fact, fun is a part of celebration that is reserved to happen at the end of whatever task/project we are doing. What’s more, the duration spent in ‘fun’ is WAY LESS than the duration spent in ‘work’!


That is strange, though!


A baby is first given fun, and then taught responsibility.

Why, as an adult, do we place fun after responsibility?

Was it even intended this way or have we, in our ‘perceived order’ of things, made it so?




I was still wondering about this when I was reminded of something very interesting. It had caught my attention before and even then had held it for a considerable time.


In Genesis (Bible), the 7 days of creation are listed with events on each day. However, as the day’s activity description ends, there is an observation:


‘The evening and the morning were the first day.’

‘The evening and the morning were the second day.’

And so on till the seventh day.


The evening and the morning?? Shouldn’t it be the morning and the evening?


I researched a little bit and found that, while we start our day with Morning, in that part of the world the first part of the day was Evening. They started their day with fun, relaxation, togetherness with family & friends, rest, and then get onto work when the morning comes.


Wow! I thought that was Brilliant! Not just the system – the very way of thinking and approaching each day.



When we look at religion, the thing we notice usually the first is ‘festivals’. Surely if the Almighty was all about just rules and regulations, then He would not organize feasts and festivals.


(In fact, while still researching the ‘evening and morning’ fundamental, I found they used to have dedicated months and weeks meant for just celebration!)



In my country (India), it is said that in a week of 7 days, Indians have 9 festivals. However, we, with our super wisdom, have mostly so bound festivities that they are more responsibility than fun.




We have turned that which was intended to be fun into a responsibility.

Look at little children – They often turn their responsibilities into fun!!


Methinks they have a WAY better idea about how to live life. Life isn’t life unless it is enjoyed. Fun isn’t just whiling away the time. It is time for rejuvenation, relaxing, building up, and rest.





I once saw this odd order of things – odd from my angle – and said to the Almighty: You know, You are strange!

I reckon He must have smiled and said: I am upright. It is you folk who are skewed, and so is your viewpoint.



Ah! That explains a lot unexplainables and twisted stuff.



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